the paragon of style award

The last two months of 2009 was the craziest and most exciting part of the year for me because of all the friends I met here in the blogosphere. You have been a great inspiration not only in fashion but in life as well. You have no idea how you make my day a little better with your sweet words and amazing posts. If only I can give you all a biiiiiiig biiiiiig biiiiiiig hug, I will. What about a virtual BIG HUG? ((((((HUGS)))))))

Since the year is practically over, I wanna give an award to my lovely friends who made my year extra stylish!
PARAGON: n. a model of excellence or perfection (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

I wanna give this award to these fabulous ladies. I intend to write about their style below their photos but words won't give them justice. If a picture paint a thousand words, theirs paint a million--they certainly are poetry in motion. Visit their blogs and I'm sure you'll agree with me. They are the women Venus envy. They define beauty and breathe style.

Vinda of Fashion Atelier

Leah of Leah

Mr. Freddy and his Mom of Mom and Son

Novita of Novita Ristiana

Now you know why I put them on a pedestal.

Thank you ladies for showering the world with your impeccable style. I can't wait for the yet another year of dashing inspiration and lovely friendship with you.



post-Christmas boredom

The day after Christmas is a perfect excuse to be a sloth. I really don't have anything productive in mind. I just wanna become one with the couch. But after two hours of clicking the remote and browsing all the channels the nth time, there is no more boring than doing nothing. I got up and start blogging.
Here's my laid-back going-home outfit yesterday.

How funny I forgot to ask for a copy of our Christmas photos. The time I get it I'm sure it'll be overdue.

My shoes are not helping me at all.

With dad.

Moving on, I just wanna share this photo from U.S. Vogue January 2010 with my favorite Knicks player, Gallo (Danilo Dallinari).

He is such a cutie in and out the hard court! And he's really good too. Seeing him play yesterday wearing a red and green shoes made my Christmas beyond complete. Then they lost, my Christmas was back to complete again. Actually I officially fell in love with him after watching this video. HILARIOUS! I'm sure you'll love him too.

One of the many things that'll thrill me when the year is coming to an end is a new and pristine daily planner. I am so particular with my schedule. My day will not be complete without running through it. I'm a little OC in that aspect coz I really really really hate procrastination. For me, by setting my priorities straight and managing my day right gives me more time for everything. Time is too precious to waste. Here's what I got for 2010.

I usually keep a big one for my daily devotions.

And this little guy will live in my purse. This planner is sooooooo me. It looks so perfect but come June and this will look like it went to a washing machine.

A peak inside the smaller planner. I can't believe 2009 is over. 2010, bring it on!
This is it for now. I'm gonna go and tail off my boredom by the help of this book.

Everyone should have a copy of this. I love it to pieces.
Have a great one lovelies!


santa and elf

I thought of posting this tomorrow but I am pretty sure I can't squeeze in blogging in a very tied up day. We'll be heading off to New Jersey tomorrow and spend Christmas at my dad's best friend's house. I'm sure it's going to be fun!

Anyways, Christmas is the perfect time to goof around with the people closest to your heart. And it's the ONLY time of the year I can convince my brother to dress up crazily. By crazily, I mean something like wearing outgrown red jogging pants (way back when he was still a foot shorter) and a crazy elf hat. We did this somewhat funny shoot for a Christmas something for our relatives and friends (this is primarily why he agreed).

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

The funky Santa and her (not so little) elf.
Isn't he the cutest little brother ever?! He just turned 14 last November, he was 6-foot tall then (I don't know now, he looks taller). How did he grow like that? I have no idea. One day he's just the annoying little brother who hides under my bed and scare the hell out of me, then one day he sneezed and he grew. Just that. lol. Now I'm the little sister. But I'm sure he'll grow even taller. What will I be then? His tiny sister?

My blingy not-so-little elf.

You're the best brother ever! Not just because you're my only brother but because you are to me as the elves to Santa. And oh, if by chance you find out about this post (which I'm sure in 5 seconds you will be freaking out), please remember that you said yes when I told you about this...last night...when you were sleeping. =)

To boot, I also realized how terribly difficult it is to be a Santa.

You know what I mean. Now that I'm done with all the shopping, reality sank in. I hate sales. It makes me come up with a really reasonable argument why I should buy stuff that are not on my list. Yeah, I just realized I bought way too many things! 

Still and all, tis the season to be jolly--not for any materialistic reason but because we have received the greatest gift God has given us. He is the very reason why I smile.

Thanks be to God for his unspeakable Gift— indescribable, inestimable, incomparable inexpressible - precious beyond words.
-Lois Lebar
Jesus, the reason for the season Praise Him Pictures, Images and Photos

May God's love reign in your hearts this Christmas and always lovely readers! Smile and rejoice! Have a great time with your family. Let me leave you with this.

When Christ entered our world, he didn't come to brighten our Decembers, but to transform our lives. 

- Rich Miller



Christmas at 34th

We had a nasty snow storm last Saturday night.

I went to bed so enlivened to wake up on a gorgeous white morning.
Then comes daybreak. What a Sunday!

I know my hair is so messy, the wind is unkind. I can't count how many times I tasted my own hair. It's all over my face.

I can't describe how lovely the park was. I hope I was able to spend more time there making snow angels... but I'm getting late for church.

I love how the snow felt.

Walking in the snow is quite a challenge for me. Especially when the snow is starting to melt. It's a pain in the butt walking around the city with too much people and slippery sidewalks.

There's no Christmas like Christmas in 34th. It's so magical. Not to mention the red sale sign everywhere! I went crazy.

Me and my freezing face.

Here's what I wore while I was gallivanting the whole day. My boots still got snow.

It's really not warm enough. But who cares?