layers of change

Today is a lazy Saturday. I have always been up to something these past few days, especially on weekends, that's why today, I feel like I'm rotting. When you're get used to something, it takes quite some time to sink in when it's not there. But while I was sitting  comfortably  in the couch, not watching tv--just sitting, while listening to our neighbor playing extremely loud Spanish music (the melody tells me it's a love song, but love has nothing to do with this post. Just saying), I realized that this moment of doing nothing made me do more than what I am able do when I'm busy. I am having a deep communication with myself (on the side note: am I the only one who can carry a whole conversation in my mind? It concerns me a bit.)

Anyway, what I was really thinking was this: Life, just like fashion, is boring without change. Imagine if we are all still wearing what Eve was wearing, that's if she was wearing anything at all. Boring right? (Plus there will be no fashion blogs! Might as well kill me.) Now, imagine if everything is the same the day we were born. Can't imagine it? Me either. With all the surprises life offers, I have nothing to say but, "Hey Life, bring it on!" Wow, boredom makes me this profound?

Speaking of change, the temperature here is kinda moody. One day it hits 80s, the next day it's back to 50s. That's why I have a lot to thank to whoever started the idea of layering. Here's how one piece can change an entire outfit.

I really love rompers regardless the fact that it is a pain in the butt when I have to go to the bathroom. So here's a tip: when you think of wearing a romper, especially when you layer it up like what you will see as you scroll down, PEE FIRST. And don't drink more than half a glass of water. Pun intended. But with a grain of truth.
When I added the belt, it looks more put together, isn't it?
Since it's cold, and cold means more bathroom visits, I have to put on a cardigan.
To add spice to the outfit, I threw on a scarf. And just that, it looks more fun and "springy".
Then the black denim jacket to complete the layers. I had this since I was 13.
Of course the bag.
And the aviator for a great sunny day.
After all these... Off I go!