everything new

This has been the longest time I haven't blogged and the itch to do so drove me crazy. Nearly literally. Every single day I thought of my blog and I missed it like hell. I can't even begin to tell how I missed my blogger friends. Trust me, once you enter the blogosphere, being away from it in a week or so will surely challenge your sanity.

I never tried getting away from blogging. It's just that I was so caught up with life. Gosh, so many things happened. Don't worry, I don't wanna go into details. But for the sake of those who care (I know you are out there), it all started on the day when I got a new job, which was also the same day my kind-of-ex-boyfriend (who is now officially my ex-boyfriend) told me he got a new girlfriend. That day has been a roller coaster. The thing is I didn't know if I was up or I was down. The only thing I knew was I was screaming... in joy or despair? That I don't know.

I grieved for two days and got over it on the third. Just that? Yes, just that. But 48 hours of hanging in there trying to pull myself together is horrible. Making it 72 hours would probably kill me. But yeah, that's just me. I easily move on.There is no point in clinging on to something that has been yet never will be. Yeah, I am talking about moving on like the moment where credits roll after being so captivated on how twisted that television series could get yet I just have to switch the channel to find something worth my time now that the show is over. If only moving on is as easy as pressing a button in my remote and viola, everything is fine. It is not. But who says it has to be that difficult?

Moving on... I am so happy with my new job (perfect job, if you'll ask me). It came to me by surprise. Working seems like I am not working at all. Oh how I love every minute of it. I don't know if I ever mentioned before that I'm a nurse, but yeah, I am. And the best thing about this job is that I can be a nurse and wear heels! It's exactly what I love and what I want. Looking back two weeks or so ago, I saw that God has been preparing me all along for the love tragedy I just went through. It made moving on way easier for me.

Another thing that kept me so busy and kept me from blogging is the making of my new online store, in partnership with my dear friend based in the Philippines. I'm still working on our soft launch and all the minor details that should be ready two weeks ago. Oh well. But I will make a post entirely about it as soon as it is done. I am so excited!

And since I've been blabbing about "NEW" things, and tomorrow will be a new season (yes! *jumping like crazy*), what I did today is totally in line with everything I'm saying. We went out today to check out new apartments. Talk about moving on out. The day is wonderful and the search went pretty well. 

Here are some of the photos of our quest in finding that perfect apartment. And oh, the photos are really not that good. I can never really expect too much from a camera phone.

That's my mom and dad in front of me.
I can't see my face because I want George Washington Bridge as my background...

Just a clearer and closer look of my outfit  (oh, how I really miss blogging!)

This is it for now. I will really try to keep this blog up as regular as I could. By regular I mean once a week, at least. I missed you all and I'm gonna go and visit your page right after I click publish. Have a great first day of spring tomorrow! =)