The worst (or could be best) thing about living in the city is working on weekdays and wait for two weeks to get the paycheck just to spend it for 4 hours on a weekend. And then comes weekdays again. And again, and again, and yet again. What can I say, I want to invest my money where I can see ithanging in my closet.

Here’s a typical shop til we drop day
Destination: SoHo.
I am so dressed for shopping. I can take off my clothes for fitting faster than light! ZZZZip!
We went in to every vintage shop and bought some I-never-thought-I-look-good-in-this things with a ridiculously priced tag. There really are salespeople who has that certain knack of making you buy overpriced stuff you don't need.
The fun in shopping is in fitting the clothes and seeing that it fits perfectly. And when you're with a friend and you both love it, it makes you less guilty if you both buy the same stuff!
You have no idea how long it took to get that perfect shot!!!
Our frustration: we planned to go to Tory Burch earlier in the day... but because we've been distracted with a lot of shops and spent more time than we expect to in them, we didn't make it to Tory Burch. We were sooo bummed!
I can't hide my frustration! LOL
After an entire day of shopping, our cards were overused... but who cares? We just had a trip to Happyland:)

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
-- Bo Derek