Wall St and other streets

So my friend and I went to Wall Street just because. Well, just because... we wanna take pictures. LOL. And maybe because whenever we head downtown, we always go to SoHo, TriBeCa, or West and East Village... never lower. It was a fun-filled day of crazy picture taking.
The infamous Wall Street.
Mr. Watts must've read How to Pose Fashionably 101.
It's crazy outside the church gates, but in here, there's enlivening peace. No pun intended.
That must be some important building :)
My friend, Mae, and I were kinda talking what if there's something that will appear in the picture that was not there. Thank heavens there's none. Or is there?
Someone offered to take a picture of us. Oh, the kindness of a stranger.
Mae's kinda wacko. She can't decide which pair of sneakers to wear so she wore one of each pair. Problem solved, right?
When no one's around, you can pretty much do anything.
Then we walked... and walked... and walked... (What else to do in NYC than walk? Oh yeah, shop!)
And we sit too... when told to do so :)
Got our Mr. Softee. It was freakin' hot that I need to finish it up in no time before it gets all messy.
We did kooky things in places people actually see.
Acted like it's perfectly normal sitting on the streets where cars are passing.
And jumped for the nth time to capture up-in-the-air moments. This is the best I could go before getting my lungs collapsed.
And looked totally exhausted after jumping and sitting and rolling and whatevering.
Mind the background. Everyone's in twos here. We're like, is this some sort of Noah's South Seaport rent-controlled ark?
Oh well, who needs a man???!!! Not me.
And there. LOL. The funny thing about NYC is, things happen in the most unlikely time and place. This is a random guy who just joined in when he saw my friend is taking a picture of me.
We also had our contemplating (at least we tried) moments as we ponder to cross the Brooklyn bridge figuratively.
So much for the contemplating and pondering.
Now, that's a big thing to ponder. I was tempted to buy that brown purse. Thank God for my friend. She talked me out of it because she knew I have way too many brown purses. They should have made it in other colors too!
We headed back to Herald Square for me to kill the time while Mae went to her class for an hour. And then there standing in the middle of the streets--mannequins for Sidewalk Catwalk. I will be doing an entirely different post about this. A lot of designers displayed their work, and of course, it's awesome.
Then we went back downtown in search for a new place to eat dinner. Then we ended up eating Halal in the park. I met a lot of interesting people that day. Like that Pakistani guy who owned the store.
Then we saw this big thing.
And when I was doing this, some guy shouted "Look out! It's gonna fall!" I should've shouted back "Help!"
Everything is always lighter when we have a friend to carry it with us.
A lot of strangers made my day.
But a friend perfected it.

PS. Mae and I just made a blog about NYC. There is just so much more about New York... and we'll be very happy if you celebrate this city with us! I know you heart NY :) Please visit http://everythingnewyorkcity.blogspot.com/ and feel free to follow and comment. :)


when I'll be 25

I know it's been forever. I admit my laptop and I are not having quality time lately, which is good (don't you think?). I am always out, living the life. It made me remember this conversation my mom and dad had while I was preparing to go out:

Dad to my mom: It's better if she'll (referring to me) marry young, maybe a year from now, so that we still have strong knees to run around with our grandchildren.

Mom to my dad: No. It's too young. Maybe when she's 25 (said in a way for me to hear)...

Me: *took my purse on my way out trying to ignore their ridiculous effort of deciding my marrying age for me*

Mom to me: Where are you going?

Me: Enjoying the remaining 2 years and 2 months of being single.

(at Central Park, chillin' with my friend)

There's just one thing I can say: 
I'm single, a guy should be pretty amazing to change that. :)