happy pill overdose


...seeing how my Mom and Dad love each other.
They show me that happily ever after is real. Yes, it may not be like the one that consists of fairy godmothers and talking teacups, but it's real.

...goofing around with my brother.
By goofing I mean ten minutes of yelling followed by a second of silence that kicks off jaw-locking laughter.

...an unplanned trip with my family.
It starts with "Where are we going?" and ends with "Anywhere..."

...good times with my girls.
Heaven knows how I miss them so bad. You can check out the rest of the photo shoot here.

...the combination of fun, sun, and sand.
Wow, I just realized I haven't been to the beach in ages.

...a trip to the zoo.
I know it sounds childish but I really have this chirpy feeling whenever I'm in a zoo. I always stand in awe whenever I see strange-looking animals. When I get home, my cheeks usually hurt from smiling the whole time I was the zoo.

I love how convenient it is to eat a pizza. Everything I want is there--lots of cheese and the taste of tomato. How I love tomatoes. As a matter of fact, I have slices of vine tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on my table waiting to be devoured right now.

...serving God alongside with friends.
If there's one thing I look forward during summer, it's this. This was the last youth camp I had back home. But whenever I think of it, I smile.

...a scary story time with cousins.
No matter how I try not to listen, I always end up as the one who scream the loudest.

...a surprise.
My girls threw a surprise farewell party for me. I couldn't describe into words how happy I was that night. They planned it so well that I really didn't have the slightest hint about it. It was certainly the night I will never forget.

...having time to clean the house like there's nothing better to do.
Isn't it a joy to clean the house not because it looks like a thousand hurricanes came inside but because you just wanna have something to do?

But of course. But sometimes it's a pain in the ass figuring out how to fit your whole closet in a tiny luggage.

...doing nothing but enjoying every minute of it.
Being a sloth once in a while is not a bad thing. Or is it?

...a cold treat under the August sun.
Something sweet and something cold is a bliss.

...lifting someone up.
Happiness is not only something you have but also something you give.

...a hug from my best friend.
This was the night before I left the Philippines. I cried so hard I can barely talk. I thank God my best friend was there. Without him, I honestly could have died in sadness.

...a long table filled with foods and surrounded by my favorite people on earth.
Family reunions are the craziest time of the year. When the whole clan comes to town, the party never ends.

Duh. Needless to say.

...walking (in this case, sitting) along the streets of NYC.

What can I say? These streets make me feel brand new. =)

...found in God.
He is my happiness. (Prayer in the Square was an event where thousands of people representing multiple denominations, races, cultures, ages, social and economic backgrounds gathered to pray in the middle of Times Square in New York City.)
These are 20 of the countless things that make me happy. I actually made this post in adherence to the Happy 101 Award
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the science of fashion and the art of falling

I watched Tyra Show yesterday and it was awesome. 

They were talking about "The Science of Fashion". I learned a lot of cool things that I wanted to share to everyone--the best outfit to wear to get that perfect job, or the perfect guy. I don't know about you but I really think seeking scientific answers to women's fashion question is really savvy. It may not seem to make sense but when Andrew Trees, Tyra Show's go-to science guru, broke down the formula behind, it actually DOES make sense. I hope my memory won't fail me as I try to list down what I brushed up.

What to wear to look more attractive in a:
party or club...

Studies show that men are attracted to red. It exudes confidence and portrays your fun-loving spirit. If you're going to a party, club, or bar and you want to meet someone new (for whatever reason), go red!

job interview...

I know, I was also shocked. But the reason behind is to show your serious and sophisticated side. It gives the impression that you are in control. I think it also depends on what job you are applying for (that's needless to say). Of course, adding a statement necklace would be great to make your outfit stand out hence making it easy for your employer to remember you.

first date...

The trick is not on what you reveal, but on what you conceal. A form-fitting dress is perfect because it's not too much for him to handle. And it's better not to wear a solid black, be a little playful with the color or pattern. The science guru also added NOT to bring big purses because it shows that you are bringing a lot of baggage. Not a good notion.


Or maillot , if we're being proper. In the show, a man stood up to disagree because according to many, bikinis are more attractive. But Andrew Trees said that subconsciously men are more attracted to women in maillot because men's interest is tickled by what is not shown than what is shown. Not to mention how most women wear one-piece with confidence.


The bright top attracts the gaze and the black pants always looks great on women. Again, nothing too revealing. You wanna keep that interest fired up.

wedding date...

This is classy with a little dose of sexiness in it. It's not cheeky and it definitely sparks up your appeal. You can bring with you a shawl or something to cover-up during the ceremony. And when you're in the reception, you can loose it and have fun meeting your own Prince Charming.

high school reunion...

The reason actually is the association of plaid with the past. It's that school girl in you that will spur anyone's remembrance of the good old times. It will surely give your quarterback ex a round trip ticket down the memory lane.


I really forgot the science behind this. Boohoo! It's in the end part of the show and I'm not paying attention anymore. Personally, I really don't put a lot of thought to what I wear when I go to the grocery. But as Coco Chanel said:

“I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”

And oh, one more thing, last weekend my friends and I went ice skating at Bryant Park's The Pond. It was the last weekend of the rink I think. We had fun!

Yes, I fell on my butt. If you'll look closely to that photo on the right side above, you'll see the white spot. The photo was taken right after I fell (and I brought my brother down with me, look at the side of his pants). No time to get rid of the evidence. After more than an hour of going around the rink, I can't still find my balance. I'm not the most athletic person you know, I can barely put my foot in front of the other in a 'normal' ground. Let alone ice skating rink. So yes, if there's one thing I mastered, it is the 
"Art of Falling".

See? I can't even turn around.

How awkward are my feet?!

Look how beautiful that fountain earlier this January when the temp was way down.

Enjoy the rest of the week friends!

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