street wise: plaid, purple and birthday

My not-so favorite part in NYC is Times Square. I hate how crowded it could get that I can barely take a step without hitting somebody. And with all those people coming over you from every direction, it's like all hell broken loose. It's crazy! But still I find myself there once in a while. It's the perfect corner whenever I wanna get lost and just drown amidst the gaggle. Having said that, I am not sure if I will ever get lost with my plaid jacket and purple pants. :)

Look at those people, not the New Moon ad. Okay, that too.

And oh yeah, it's my brother's birthday. He may not look like one but he just turned 14.

He's big, right? But anways, this was a family night. My mom and dad are somewhere looking for something. Oh I think they bought ice cream that time. So basically, what I did while they were doing there thing was sit. I was thrilled. Really, observing people never fails to amaze me.

3 stylish comments:

E Way said...

hey i'm following you, would you mind following me? I'd really appreciate it.

little tea cup said...

he's 14?!?

whoah! my brother is 14 but he's nothing like that


Chin-chin said...

Betz, I can't believe it! Your brother grow soooo fast!