gearing up for cyber monday

The adrenaline rush of in-store shopping will always be matchless. I'm sure you know how it feels when you see that perfect shoes glowing among the others and in that very second you're sure that's the "one" (reminds me of Rebecca Bloomwood). I don't know with you but as I try out "that" shoes and it perfectly fits, it's euphoria. Well tomorrow it's not gonna be that kind of shopping. What you need is a comfortable chair (and computer), instead of comfortable outfit, because it's cyber monday!

I am a big online shopper. There's a good and bad side of shopping online but I just love the fact that I can browse every item without killing my feet and I can buy as much or as big as I want without having to carry it the whole shopping time. Talk about convenience. Anyways, to those who are going online shopping tomorrow, these links might help:

And since we are at it. Here's my fave online stores. I'm gonna visit them tomorrow for sure.

What's your fave online store? I would love to know other great e-stores, especially vintage. Have a wonderful cyber monday shopping! Till then... on your mouse, ready, click, go!

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A Thought Is The Blossom said...

wow, these are all such fantastic links. i had never heard of la vintage before, but i just visited and loved it!