i am Chuck

I've always wanted to have a hi-top Chuck Taylor All Star that's really me but I can't seem to find it. Until one day just out of the blue, I stumbled at Converse's website. Then there it is, the make-your-own Converse shoes. It was a moment of euphoria. I was like "Finally! After a lifetime search..."

That happened months ago, but until now I still have that thrill whenever I wear my very own Chucks. One thing I really love about it is the hot pink heel stripe and the pink stitches. It's a subtle representation of the girly me. The typical hot pink hi-top they have didn't fascinate me enough. It's too pink. But having the chance to design my very own shoes gives me the power to be who I am. It sets me apart from a world of people wearing Chucks.

And oh, there's this option of having a personal ID on your shoes either on the outside low rear or the heel stripe. I have mine on the outside low rear. I thought it's just small enough not to draw attention that's why I decided to put my whole name and color it pink in contrast to the black canvas. But when I got it, it's huge! I think you can read it as far as 10 meters, more or less. I was so devastated at first because, unfortunately, I can't return it. So I wore my thinking cap and bing! I got the best idea ever. I colored it black to mask it. It turned out to be really great. It looks embossed and subdued. Love it!

Go and design your perfect Chucks. But a word of caution here: it might take your entire afternoon. It's so fun you won't notice the clock ticking. And by the way, I would love to meet your Chuck.

More love,

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Missy May said...

My friend mentioned this website to me the other day, But I didn't know were to look. Thanks to this post I do! Thanks!
LOVE yours!
-Missy May