the bridge

For some reason this place gives me solitude. Oceans and rivers always have that effect on me. No wonder I can watch The Pirates of the Caribbean over and over and over without getting seasick. I'm a water person, in contrary to my fire sign.

“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn.”
-David Russell

I haven't crossed the Brooklyn bridge by foot yet. When my friend was here, we planned to cross it but the weather didn't give the nod. It's too chilly. We might not make it to the end of the bridge without a frozen organ.
We had so much fun that we broke loose as if we own the place.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Yet whenever I cross the river
On its bridge with wooden piers,
Like the odor of brine from the ocean
Comes the thought of other years.

And I think how many thousands

Of care-encumbered men,
Each bearing his burden of sorrow,
Have crossed the bridge since then.

I see the long procession
Still passing to and fro,
The young heart hot and restless,
And the old subdued and slow!

And forever and forever,
As long as the river flows,
As long as the heart has passions,
As long as life has woes;

The moon and its broken reflection

And its shadows shall appear,
As the symbol of love in heaven,

And its wavering image here.


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Sidewalk Chalk said...

Ohh, you're making me so nostalgic right now. I have some pictures just like yours from the Pier two summers ago! Hope you're having a wonderful time --- I'm loving your red hat!
- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

A Pinch of Style said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. You are so sweet. I love the red beret on you..adds a perfect touch of color to the outfit

Anonymous said...

Great photos and beret! I love it ;))

DIANA DYE said...

I love these pictures you look lovely as always how do u do it I don’t know!! But you really it appears like you had so much fun am super glad for you!! spending time with loved ones I also great I love it!! And yea girls look amazing in guy T-shirts hahaha! thanks soooooo much for visiting my blog and leaving the best comments ever I love you so much!! Your blog is one of the once I never want to loose !!

Rianna Bethany said...

These pictures are so gorgeous, The view in the background of one of them is taking me back to when i was there and i miss it!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

Style Artisan said...


What a beautiful post...I love everything about it. The images, the clothes, the love and friendship, all set to such a lovely poem.

My favorite post yet!

Anonymous said...

OH LOVE!!! great stuff sweetie...making me love NY more!!! love the red beanie too. eheheh =D

Viva La Fashion said...

cute jacket. :)

Adela said...

cute hat!


Anonymous said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by my blog :)
yes, im a filipina too!

glad to have found another filipina blogger!

i like ur style!
will def add u to my blog roll! :)


Jen said...

that coat is amazing with the flared sleeves, and i love the red winter accessories :)
hopefully you'll get to walk across the bridge one day when it's not so chilly out.

Rebecca Rose said...

Great photos!! Can't wait to visit that place someday ;-)I will make sure to get in touch with you.

Nina said...

Hi Betz! I love that the red beret finishes off your outfit to perfection!

I wish I had more crazy moments like that with my friends.

I think that bridge is soooo often used for a gadzillion movies. Cross it in the summertime so I know you're safe?!

kookie kulasa said...

I love the third to the last photo, betz :) Ooooh...If only may time na maging ganyan ka-cold here in Manila :|


adorable! love berets.

Diane said...

Wonderful poem :)
And the pictures... There is something very deep about watching the sea or the ocean, isn't it?

I am a sea side girl and I know what you're talking about ;)

thanks for visiting my page!


Inspiration in Italy said...

Honey I'm in love with your blog and this post gave me chills! The writing is so beautiful and I too adore water...I used to live by the ocean and I miss it much, but I find such beauty in the water fountains all around Rome. You have amazing style and you look SO stunning in the photo that is 2nd up from the bottom! I'm following as well!

Baci from Italy xx

Anonymous said...

great outfit!

AudreyAllure said...

yay you went to southstreet seaport; i love that place !

Lexi Colby said...

such great pictures! i love the scenery !

Aney, said...

Aw, love the beautiful scenery - I'm going to head over to NYC soon, it's so amazing there.

daisychain said...

Gorgeous photos and I LOVE that poem

Leah said...

I love that image where you're looking at the bridge... the sepia tone plus the mood of that image... winner, parang pang-awards ang dating. I love it.

Monique said...

Ohhh..I'm so jealous ...! I love NYC..it's my favourite place on earth! Lovely photos and you look gorgeous! Definitely following !!!


The Trendy Fashionista said...

Wow. I really love this!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Fashion Therapist said...

Very cute pics. You'll make it by foot one day and when you do the pics will be gorgeous! :)

toxic disco boy said...

cute! at pose lang ng pose! wer q et! ^^

mom & son said...

hello betzzyyy!
love that pics of you by the bridge.
emote ang drama. i miss NY na. i'm hoping na makapunta uli jan.

p.s thanks for the comment. you can call me SAM wag lng ate. huh, i'm still young. i'm only 26. hahaha...is 26 still young? lol!

Mom Daughter Style said...

Gorgeous photos. I really hope I can go to NY someday. I like the touch of red in your outfit.

Kristin said...

Gorgeous shots! I too am drawn to the water, I just don't want to go in. Weird? Ah ha ha

Rica said...

beautiful photos betz! nindota sa inyo states oi, wish i could go there someday and maybe we could walk on that bridge? lol i always love your winter outfit. very stylish bahala na nag snow.hehe.

have a nice day!

sassy rica ^_^

Eri said...

Hello there,

I am glad I came across your blog, really loved your outfits and posts.

Please come and have a look at my blog too. I would love to exchange links with you.

I hope to see you soon.

Kitsch said...

wonderful pictures. you are so beautiful, Love your blog.

Have a great day.

Marta Castellanos said...

Hi honey!I left a blog award for you in my blog!Hope youlike it!
I love that pics and you hat it´s so cute!


Fashion Court said...

ooh, i've been there! great pictures :o)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

WOW! These photos are so beautiful. Totally makes me wish I could go there. And the sprinkle of sunlight? That must've been nice!

New header? (I think. Or maybe I'm not observant, hmm.) I love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

monica w said...

ahhh the icon of the brooklyn bridge, i cant wait to visit new york and see it in person!

love ur red beret and gloves :)

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Great pictures! Love the red beret!!

dotie said...

haha..i'm also a water person :)
these are all amazing shots!!
and that poem is beautiful <3<3<3

Little Girl said...

I love the add of red in your accessories, it's just the perfect amount.

Oh, and I've changed blogs.

Mrs.Zeus said...

Beautiful photos!
That such a lovely poem.


The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Love your hat and crossbody bag!

Faridah said...

Cute outfit! I adore your beret.

kristendarling said...

what a lovely poem. and great pics!

prashant said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. You are so sweet. I love the red beret on you..adds a perfect touch of color to the outfit

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