layers of change

Today is a lazy Saturday. I have always been up to something these past few days, especially on weekends, that's why today, I feel like I'm rotting. When you're get used to something, it takes quite some time to sink in when it's not there. But while I was sitting  comfortably  in the couch, not watching tv--just sitting, while listening to our neighbor playing extremely loud Spanish music (the melody tells me it's a love song, but love has nothing to do with this post. Just saying), I realized that this moment of doing nothing made me do more than what I am able do when I'm busy. I am having a deep communication with myself (on the side note: am I the only one who can carry a whole conversation in my mind? It concerns me a bit.)

Anyway, what I was really thinking was this: Life, just like fashion, is boring without change. Imagine if we are all still wearing what Eve was wearing, that's if she was wearing anything at all. Boring right? (Plus there will be no fashion blogs! Might as well kill me.) Now, imagine if everything is the same the day we were born. Can't imagine it? Me either. With all the surprises life offers, I have nothing to say but, "Hey Life, bring it on!" Wow, boredom makes me this profound?

Speaking of change, the temperature here is kinda moody. One day it hits 80s, the next day it's back to 50s. That's why I have a lot to thank to whoever started the idea of layering. Here's how one piece can change an entire outfit.

I really love rompers regardless the fact that it is a pain in the butt when I have to go to the bathroom. So here's a tip: when you think of wearing a romper, especially when you layer it up like what you will see as you scroll down, PEE FIRST. And don't drink more than half a glass of water. Pun intended. But with a grain of truth.
When I added the belt, it looks more put together, isn't it?
Since it's cold, and cold means more bathroom visits, I have to put on a cardigan.
To add spice to the outfit, I threw on a scarf. And just that, it looks more fun and "springy".
Then the black denim jacket to complete the layers. I had this since I was 13.
Of course the bag.
And the aviator for a great sunny day.
After all these... Off I go!


42 stylish comments:

Erika said...

Love the way you spiced up the outfit & made it more springy! The scarf really added the perfect pop of color & your bag too.

It was super fun scrolling down to see a new layer! & by the way, I carry conversations in my mind too ;)

Enjoy your lazy Saturday, I'm enjoying mine!

Love, Erika

mom & son said...

Hello Betzy!
Welcome back! Ang tagal mo rin nawala.
Kumusta? I miss you!
Mukhang busy and beauty mo ha.
How's work?
Girly, mukhang blooming ka ha.
Hmm...is there new fafable? LOL!

Alyssa said...

Oooh, I really like the romper! I want to buy one but I'm not sure if it would look good on me... hmm! I like to see the process you went to in order to create this 'look'... You look very put together in the end! Thanks for sharing :)

Anagon =) said...

Oh this is a really cool entry--on how you wore the romper! :D Great layering! :)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the pattern on the romper and how you've layered it. when you add that scarf its the perfect touch of colour. great blog.

Sher said...

Rompers are a tough one to tackle, aren't they? I love them as much as everyone else but going to the toilet is so troublesome with them on:P

With that said, you look absolutely lovely in the romper and the layers you added!


FashionJazz said...

Luv the way u styled ur outfit hun! xx

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the layers, and the pattern on the romper is fantastic!

I cannot do rompers, though, in large part because they are a huge pain for going to the bathroom.

toxic disco boy said...

LOL at the pee first advice. hahahahahahahahaha. ^^

daisychain said...

I love your romper. I pee too much for it to be a practical look for me!


betz, love your layering!
nice huh!

rarely see you updating!
where have you been?

B a la Moda said...

I love rompers and you look specially good on that one. I like your shoes choice.

B* a la Moda

Josie said...

Love the romper and scarf! I agree -- going to the bathroom in rompers is a PAIN!
xxoo Josie

Jojo said...

Love the layering. The playsuit was super cute to begin with, but by adding the scarf and jacket you made it look great.

Love Jojo x

Ibyang said...

Life, just like fashion, is boring without change.

very true! :)

nice scarf, it made your ensemble more alive :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Cute jumper, looks good with all the accessories!

Marta Castellanos said...

I love this outfitt!!!This romper looks great on you!!it´s beautiful!I love them too but I think that they don´t really suits me...xoxo


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

layering can do wonders...love everything you piled on there!

unfortunately, here in PI, it's getting scorching hot! all i want to wear is sheer cotton...and just flip-flops...hehehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Rebecca Rose said...

Love your outfit!!! I don't think I'm gonna wear a romper because I pee too much haha.

Mom Daughter Style said...

I agree jumpsuits are hard when you need to go to the bathroom esp for me coz I have a small bladder. I wish I am as creative as you when it comes to dressing up. You're a fashionista by heart

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

That romper is fabulous! Love how you styled it! :)

// krissy ♥ said...

I love your romper! I have one but it's a solid black so I spice it up with colorful belts :D I wish I can do layers too but it's so hot here!

Toni said...

i miss you Betz!
missed visiting your blog.

i love the scarf! you look lovely!

pensandlens said...

welcome back deary~~~~

love the tights and the jumpsuit or is it a dress??? take care always my dear

mwuah xoxo

I am very busy with my vacation

Take Care

Dressing Up For Me said...

Hi, Betz!

Love your layering style! Na-perfect na jud nimo ang layering technique. Ako when dagway, hihi! :)

Marz said...

Betz, you look gorgeous as always. And no, I have conversations in my head all the time! It's a good way to "know yourself".

Castor Pollux said...

heart your look :)
especially after you added the scarf
it gives more color to the outfit

Castor Pollux

cherie said...

i love how you styled your outfit(s), they all look so put together :)


pensandlens said...

just passing by to say hello again!!!! Just enjoying my vacation my dear!

take care always,

Tabitha said...

love the last pic, great mix! :)
check on my new post
beauty splashes


Very cute belted look!!

Manon said...

You have such a great style!
I love the jumpsuit.

S + Y said...

Hello Betz! You have such a cute blog and style!!! I love your quirky little outfits and your writing style. And that romper is adorable! ;)


S + Y said...

Hello Betz! You have such a cute blog and style!!! I love your quirky little outfits and your writing style. And that romper is adorable! ;)


Vivian said...

you look beautiful!
love the jumpsuit you're wearing<3

prettyneons said...


peace & bows...
prettyneons x

Nico said...

yes, yes. hooray for layering! man, how is NYC?

Tati said...

gorgouss i love thiss :))
ive been looking around for a jumper! this is super cute

Monique said...

Lovely outfit! You're gorgeous !


Darlyn said...

I agree! The belt definitely pulled the whole outfit together. :)

Also, your quip about peeing before putting on a romper made me giggle. Haha.

kookie kulasa said...

missing your posts, betz! that romper is sooo nice!

Lexi Colby said...

cute romper!!!