Sometimes, goodbye is the only way.

Good things come to an end. I should add, for better things to begin. As much as I grieve on officially leaving this blog, I have to. People change; so does passion. I swear I still have separation anxiety towards this blog regardless the fact that I unofficially abandoned this a couple of years ago with the high hopes of getting back. I still feel sad, almost like finding that one perfect shoes at Saks 5th but for some weird reason they don’t have your size. That feeling of going home but still thinking about it…yeah, that awful feeling. Sigh. I met the awesomest people here, not to mention how stylish they are. They inspired me in ways I couldn’t even put into words. (To you who is reading this, thank you!) Oh, parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.

As they say, one thing’s end is another’s beginning. I am embarking to a new venture. Hence, this blog:

Why a new one? Well, to simply put: I was consumed with wanderlust. Then I met this guy (and he is amazing). We fell in love. We found out that we both have itchy feet. For that reason, we decided to see the world together. We’ve been only to a couple of places so far but it has been a blast. 
A rainy day in Shanghai.
Basking the sunset in Playa Carillo, Costa Rica.

He also chronicled our travels together in Wisdom Traveler. Please be a sweetheart and visit both our blogs. And be darling by subscribing, yes?

Don’t make me miss you all too much! See you in my new blog!



Material Girl

...'Cause we are 
Living in a material world
And I am a material girl
You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl
- Madonna, 1985

We all know that song--regardless of what decade we were born. And admit it, at some point, you sing this as some sort of soundtrack of your life, like, when you are shopping. It somehow justifies, though not quite, the amount you slashed off from your credit card. Then now it is not only just a song, but it is something that we can actually wear. Material Girl will go from our iPods (don't deny, you have it there!) to our very closets!

That's why when, sometime ago last week, I was contacted by a Digital Coordinator doing the publicity in web offering to let me cover Madonna's Material Girl Launch at Macy's, I was hoppin' and flippin' and rollin' with happiness. I had the opportunity to be in the press list (how cool is that?). I went ALONE (you will notice that I don't have as much pictures if I have someone with me. lol) So I tried to cover it the best that I can, though most of the time I was soooooo distracted that instead of taking pictures, I just shopped.

This is how it went:
The line launched last Tuesday, August 3, at Macy's, 34th St., NYC--the ONLY store that carries it.
People are lined up at Broadway entrance for hours too excited to shop (and get freebies!). 
Then this came...
A buzz swept among the fans. And a sweet thing came out of it.
Yes, all the fans were given a cupcake. And this sweet treat made everyone even more hyped up to shop! You know what sugar does to the body :)
And I got mine too! Of course, I couldn't say no to such bliss. And on how pretty it is, one should be blind not to grab it.
And even though Madonna was not there, she still was.
She was everywhere.
And you couldn't miss her.
At 10am, the doors opened. People are rushing in like their life depended on it.
Then, the destination: 4th floor, Juniors clothing
Media are all over. And I got interviewed! It was so wicked fun. I had cupcake crumbs all over my face and the reporter has to be the one who told me, with the camera sticking on my face! Utter S-H-A-M-E.
More Madonnas...
and even more Madonnas...
And from this point on, I put my camera back in my purse... and shopped.

It's the Material Girl

Of course when you say Material Girl you would think of glamour, nothing less. But in actuality, it's so much more. This line goes beyond Hollywood and reaches to those girls who dream big dreams. There is everything for everybody. From the demure girl who is making her way to the spotlight to the girl who is already there.

The first thing I saw when my eyes scanned the collection in a split second are STUDS and SEQUINS. And I knew right then that the punk edginess and sparkly attitude will be channeled in one way or another in every garment.
How could it be more Madonna with this bright-colored and sparkly animal print pieces?
If you are not into shiny and sparkling and anything flamboyant, you will still love the line. There are a lot of pretty and girly garments, casual and laid-back outfits, and even sophisticated and urban pieces.
I should say that the design are really not that new to me. It's trendy. And you know how trends are, one store sells it, all the the stores sell it. It's a thing that we've all seen before... just with the touch of Madonna in it. With a lot of layering options, you can always have a new look. And I am actually a little astonished with the price range. Everything is priced from $5 to $70. It is really affordable.
I just can't help myself but grab the pieces I adore.
(Just the clothes... NOT the purse.)

The polka dot dress is my favorite.
The tulle bottom gives that sweet effect to it to contrast the zipper detail on the neckline.
A lot of photographers were taking pictures of us in the fitting room. The little modeling session really completed my day.

And by the way, what would be this post be without my outfit pose?
I'm conveying my inner Madonna through my leather, python shorts. Big shirt and flat brogues for the needed comfort. 

The pretty reckless muse
In the afternoon, Taylor Momsen was there. She sang a couple of songs with her Pretty Reckless band. 
Hello there, Little J.
I really think she is perfect for the line. What do you think?
I just wished she didn't wear her shades. I would have loved to see her smokey eyes.

A Material Girl is someone who is never afraid to have fun--in whatever ways she can. She dances like there's no tomorrow and she doesn't care if she's good at it or not. She got that "you can't put me down" attitude coz she couldn't care less with what other people think. She's a dreamer, and she's not gonna sleep forever. She is all this and more...

I am a Material Girl.
Are you?